Introducing…Lavender Blue

I’ve incorporated doTERRA Essential oils into my life to help aid my allergies along with my chronic neck and back issues.

Since I’ve had such WONDERFUL success I’m currently experimenting with EO to help my senior dog, Missy, aid her late life seizures and help my adolescent dog, Ranger, with his seasonal allergies.

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Happy oiling!

Trick or Treat!

I really want to continue practicing with my hand lettering. So I have been playing around with an idea I’ve had for a while. Hand Lettering “Trick or Treat” making the “T”s  witches hats. Not sure if it came out exactly as I had expected.

I started on paper and transferred it to a 6 x 6” canvas. Of course going from black on white to white on black I lost some of the detail in my painting. The spider on the top T became a hand in the painted version. LOL

I think the next version I do, I will make the words a LOT larger!

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you!

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Until next time!


Hand Lettering

Last weekend I went to a Copic workshop where I learned about and tried hand lettering. As a graphic artist who has worked for an old school typographer, managed a composition department and now a desktop department I have always been fascinated by type. I remember being in elementary school and I loved to doodle. My doodles were with different fonts. Creating pieces of art with the letters of my name. Who knew what I was doing back then would be a huge “thing” now!

Here is the first piece I hand lettered

Here is another piece that I’m still working on, a Illuminated Letter. Of course since I love Halloween, it would need to be Halloween themed..

I really enjoyed myself and will be doing more hand lettering of my own…I’ll post the finished Illuminated letter shortly.



Missy and Ranger vs the Toad

So, let me preface this by saying this isn’t the first time its happened. My backyard is completely fenced in, with a 6 foot high vinyl fence to be exact. I let Missy and Ranger out to do their “business” and supervise their outings, when I’m not taking them for a “real” walk.

Missy and Ranger looking tough!

As I am carefully watching Missy, my “epileptic” senior dog (she’ll be 13 in November), I’m not watching what Ranger is doing. But I hear him flapping his ears a bunch of times and I can’t help but think that’s not good. I turn to check out what he’s doing and UGH, I see him chasing a toad. Well, not actually chasing, playing a game is probably more like it. Grabbing the toad in his mouth, dropping it watching it hop and running after it and grabbing it again, and so on. Mind you its a BIG FAT toad. A toad that probably would make someone who loves frogs legs very happy.

You think that he or the toad would have learned after the last episode. Last time ended with Ranger having a whole mouthful of foam and not feeling very well. It’s okay. I learned several years ago after an expensive trip to the 24-hour animal hospital where it was determined that Missy got a toad. She started foaming at the mouth and it wouldn’t stop. I had hosed her mouth out with water but she kept foaming. It had me in a panic!

Well, it turns out that toads secrete a toxin (think mild poison) from these bumps you see on their backs, commonly thought of as warts. Well, they’re not warts. They’re actually glands that secrete the toxins as their defense against predators, namely Missy and Ranger.

Missy learned her lesson. After a dose of Benadryl at the animal hospital she was fine. Ranger hasn’t learned his lesson yet. Nor has the toad. I kept letting him out in the woods beyond our property, but he/she keeps coming back!

Last time Ranger was frolicking with the toad the toad had the foresight to play dead and it was easy for me to coral it with the pooper scoppers! This time proved to be very difficult. Every time I scooped it up, I jumped out and Ranger right there eager to try and capture it again. After about 10 minutes of me scooping and coralling, walking and scooping, walking I felt like I was playing soccer! The frog was the ball and I was defending against Ranger! I finally got it out of the fenced in yard.

Hmm, maybe this wasn’t the same toad. But I can tell you its been eating very well!

Toad 3
Missy 0
Ranger 0

Hope you found my story amusing!


Hello and welcome…

Welcome! You’ve reached my blog, Rosita’s ramblings. A place for me to ramble about the adventures with my two dogs Missy and Ranger and share my varied interests of canning, crafting, writing, photography and gardening to name a few.

I hope you check back often to see what I’m up to!

Until next time!


P.S. I’ll explain another time why its called Rosita’s ramblings…